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TechTarget Releases 2017 Back-Up Products of the Year Finalists

TechTarget Releases 2017 Products of the Year Finalists

TechTarget Releases 2017 Products of the Year Finalists

If you’re like me, it’s easy to get lost in end-of-the-year lists. Unlike music and movies, enterprise technology doesn’t really get its share of list time. TechTarget has rounded up its top seven finalists for its 2017 Backup and Recovery products of the year list. The list features some big names (IBM), as well as some smaller names that you might not be so familiar with. The names in this list showcase notable changes in the backup and recovery space.

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Most notable is how cloud technology has established an integral spot in a number of the leading backup products. That being said, because customers are looking for data protection across multiple platforms, TechTarget notes that physical and virtual recovery methods remain relevant.

On the qualifications for the finalists mentioned, the analyst details, “The data backup and recovery software and services category covers backup and recovery software, cloud backup and recovery services, and on-premises backup and disaster recovery, snapshotting, replication and archiving products.”

Acronis Storage 2: This software-defined storage solution includes CloudRAID for data protection and Acronis Notary and blockchain technology for authentication.

Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline 8.0: Actifio takes a deeper dive into object storage and the cloud. The solution’s ONVault feature offers forever backup to storage systems and offers instant backup capabilities.

BackupAssist10: BackupAssist’s protects data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The newest version includes CryptoSafeGuard, a ransomware-specific feature that keeps infected files from being backed up.

Datos IO Recover X 2.0: Datos IO expands data protection to traditional applications in the cloud with it’s RecoverX 2.0 software. The software uses parallel data streaming to quickly transfer backup data.

IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.2: The tech giant IBM ‘s backup solution offers data protection across multiple sites and storage platforms providing availability, archiving, and recovery. Spectrum Protect features Microsoft Azure Blob support for native inline compression and native deduplication.

Veeam Availability SuiteThe latest release from Veeam Software is able to protect thousands of virtual machines and petabytes of data. Some new features include agents for Windows and Linus, and the ability to restore virtual machines.

Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5Zerto’s Replication software speeds up recovery time in AWS as much as five times with its latest release. The new analytics platform offers insight into data across multiple sites and platforms.

Check out the full list here.

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