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The Easiest Way to Achieve Total Resilience

The Easiest Way to Achieve Total Resilience

The Easiest Way to Achieve Total ResilienceAn organization without a solution that provides resilience and assurance has a high risk of data loss. Businesses need to be able to maintain an acceptable level of service regardless of the issues that arise during day-to-day operations to remain credible. But to be resilient, various operations need to be performed consistently, usually through a number of tools. To make the process easier, IT Resilience and Assurance (ITRA) solutions are a new, cohesive technology that specifically focuses on resilience and assurance. This technology eliminates the need for multiple tools to achieve resilience, simplifying the entire process.

To be resilient, an organization must be able to defend its systems by securing them, but IT must also take further action to reduce the risk of a system failure. For example, load balancing servers could be used to prevent an overload. Additionally, organizations should know if a system has gone down as soon as it happens in order to resolve the issue faster. IT must then be able to recover what was lost and get operations back to normal. To prevent the same issue from occurring again, IT must determine the root causes of the disruption and make changes accordingly. Through this process, organizations will achieve resilience and gain the ability to continue business operations in the face of a problem. However, this is usually done by using the features of multiple different solutions.

While there are many types of solutions which can tangentially contribute to resilience and assurance, such as disaster recovery and business continuity, ITRA is a single solution that is explicitly meant for that purpose. The exact aim of ITRA solutions is to allow businesses to remain operational, even in the event of a severe disruption, i.e. to maintain resilience.

ITRA solutions offer early detection of the possible impact caused by malicious activity, nature, or mistakes. Additionally, rapid recovery and automation are provided during a failure. Rather than using features from separate tools to create resilience, all of the above features are provided by ITRA solutions for one cohesive approach to resilience and assurance. This makes the process of becoming resilient easier, without sacrificing quality.

Like most technology, not all ITRA solutions are the same. When evaluating an ITRA solution, there are a few elements to consider. Businesses should look at how complete the protection is, the early detection technology, flexibility, and automation, before making a decision. With resilience features in one comprehensive solution, the process of maintaining operations on a daily basis becomes simpler.

If you’re interested in making resilience less of a hassle for your organization, here are 6 considerations for ITRA solutions!

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