The Top Three Tips to Reduce Your RPOs and RTOs

The Top Three Tips to Reduce Your RPOs and RTOsRecovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are two essential elements of a disaster recovery plan. RPOs establish how much data an organization can stand to lose in the event of a disaster, while RTOs establish how much time an organization can let pass in between the beginning of the recovery process and the completion of it. Reducing RPOs and RTOs is a goal of IT managers. When these values are lowered, businesses experience less downtime, higher productivity, fewer costs incurred, and low risk of a loss in credibility. To help you reduce your RPOs and RTOs, we’ve compiled a few of the top tips on the subject.

Backup with More Frequency

Increasing your backup frequency is a critical way to lower your RPOs and RTOs. More backups mean an increase in the number of snapshots of your critical data. Having more of these snapshots reduces your RPO. Increasing backup frequency also reduces your RTOs because having recent backups lowers the total time needed to recover.

Changed Block Recovery

Changed block recovery is comparable to the idea of incremental backups. Rather than backing up every block of data, only the blocks that have changed since the last full backup was performed, or that are necessary for a VM restoration at a specific point in time need to be backed up. When using one of these solutions for a virtual or physical backup, changes to data blocks will be continuously monitored once the backup initiates. Through this process, your total backup time lowers, thereby reducing your RTOs.


In replicating your data, you will have a copy of your data that you can shift to if a disaster occurs, which decreases your RTOs. When using an off-site secondary server, your RTO will be restricted to the amount of time it takes to failover from one server to the other. Your RPO will be established by how often you replicate your data. Replication at a higher frequency means a lower RPO.

Reducing RPOs and RTOs reaps significant benefits for your business. Extra effort has to be made in order to achieve lower RPOs and RTOs, but the rewards that come as a result of that effort are considerable.  

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