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TierPoint Launches Cloud to Cloud Recovery Powered by Nutanix

TierPoint Launches Cloud to Cloud Recovery Powered by Nutanix

TierPoint Launches Cloud to Cloud Recovery Powered by NutanixSecure, connected data center, cloud, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions provider, TierPoint recently released Cloud to Cloud Recovery powered by Nutanix. This new service provides a cost-effective method to leverage Nutanix technologies for replication and disaster recovery orchestration with a TierPoint-managed Hosted Private Cloud in the recovery environment.

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In a press statement, Rob Carter, TierPoint Senior Vice President of Product Development, Architecture, and Engineering commented, “building on our market-leading partnership with Nutanix, this new service is ideal for organizations that want to know where their recovery site is located and seek an expert service provider to manage the recovery environment and disaster recovery orchestration for them. We know of no other service provider managing Nutanix native disaster recovery technologies in this manner. These innovative solutions augment our already comprehensive product portfolio and advance our mission to meet clients where they are and support them along the way on their respective journeys to IT transformation.”

TierPoint’s Disaster Recovery as a Service combines features such as replication, cloud, and virtualization technologies, delivering a comprehensive solution that provides the capabilities needed to ensure critical data and applications are safe and secure. The vendor also owns over 40 data centers within 20 markets and 8 multi-tenant cloud pods, all connected via a coast-to-coast network. TierPoint’s solution portfolio includes private, managed hyperscale, and hybrid cloud environments.

Jason Langone, GM of Service Providers at Nutanix also added, ”developing a disaster recovery strategy can be costly and time-consuming for many businesses but it’s a key requirement for all organizations, especially as the number of ransomware attacks increase. This innovative solution allows TierPoint customers to leverage Nutanix technologies to simplify, secure, and scale replication and disaster recovery orchestration without needing to manage the infrastructure.”

Nutanix provides cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, which allow IT professionals to focus on the applications and services that power their organization. Through Nutanix, businesses have the ability to provide a high-performance IT environment on demand.

To read TierPoint’s full press release, click here.

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