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Veritas Rolls Out Enterprise Data Protection Solution Called Flex 5150

Veritas Rolls Out Enterprise Data Protection Solution Called Flex 5150

Veritas Rolls Out Enterprise Data Protection Solution Called Flex 5150Enterprise data protection solution provider, Veritas Technologies recently launched the Veritas Flex 5150 appliance. This tool is a complete data protection solution developed for the edge of enterprise networks. The Flex 5150 is the first appliance from Veritas that brings Netbackup’s enterprise-level data protection to edge, branch, and remote offices. Gartner predicts that by 2022, over 50 percent of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside of the cloud or data center. While data at the edge needs the same level of protection as in the data center, branch and remote locations have space and cost restrictions that are unique to those environments.

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In a press statement, executive vice president of storage solutions at Veritas, Phil Brace stated, “trends such as 5G and IoT are leading to a more decentralized IT infrastructure. And while the need for data to always be available and protected, no matter where it lives, is not going away, ‘how’ this gets done needs to adapt in light of these trends. The Flex 5150 is an exciting first step in extending the reach of the Enterprise Data Services Platform beyond just the data center and the cloud. This simple, container-based appliance is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of protecting data at the edge, without needing dedicated IT staff to do it. This saves time, money, and reduces the risks of any downtime.”

Designed for locations with limited space and IT resources, the Flex 5150 is a fully functional NetBackup solution that integrates with NetBackup in the core data center and the cloud. The solution simplifies the process of deploying and maintaining enterprise levels of protection at the edge.

Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC also added, “untrained IT staff, outdated infrastructures and changing business environments have been longstanding challenges in establishing data protection for remote and branch offices. The Flex 5150 appliance allows businesses to upgrade their backup infrastructure and troubleshoot these problems by eliminating the need for onsite IT expertise, and provides an adaptable tool for today’s dynamic market.”

Advantages of the Flex 5150 for enterprise data at the edge include:

  • Integrates with NetBackup in the data center and in the cloud through a containerized architecture;
  • Protects and restores data at the edge, where it is created;
  • Centralizes remote management with automated policies to lower risk and ensure continuous protection, and
  • Cost-effective and simple installation.

To read Veritas’ full press release, click here.

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