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How to Build Efficient Apps by AT&T

AT&T Efficient Mobile Application Development

AT&T Efficient Mobile Application DevelopmentWant to avoid apps that are slow to load, respond to input and drains battery life? Of course you do. And AT&T wants to help you by offering the best practices for building responsive and energy efficient apps.

AT&T’ Developer Program lists out its best practices for app efficiency:

  • Understand Mobile Networks
  • Handle Multiple Simultaneous TCP Connections
  • Reduce Inefficient Connections with Periodic Transfers
  • Deal with Connection Opening Problems
  • Close Connections As Soon As Possible
  • Offload to Wi-Fi
  • Handle Duplicate Content and Caching
  • Utilize Pre-fetching
  • Manage Peripherals
  • Upgrade from HTTP 1.0
  • Handle Screen Rotations
  • Comparing LTE and 3G Energy Consumption
  • Content Optimization for Mobile Devices

The Best Practices Guidelines go into serious how-to detail for each of the bullet points above. If energy efficiency and responsiveness are important to you, then check it out by following this link.

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