Looker Adds New Integration Features to Embedded Analytics Tool

Looker Adds New Integration Features to Embedded Analytics Tool

Source: Looker

Looker recently announced a new set of features for its embedded analytics tool, Powered by Looker.  The capabilities enhancement makes it easier for users to integrate data into existing applications to optimize embedded analytics. For many of the startup’s customers, Powered becomes central to the operational success of their set of internal and external clients.

The proliferation of embedded analytics in enterprise arenas is a talking point, and according to Howard Dresner, founder of Dresner Advisory Services “embedded analytics use has grown 15% year-over-year.” He adds: “Over 70% of embedded analytics users say it’s ‘critical’ or ‘very important’ to provide internal application users with in-context insights and analysis.”

Powered features an agile modeling layer that defines data and controls who can access it. The tool can be deployed as an embedded iFrame or using Javascript. Users can choose between the RESTful API or the scheduler to deliver reports by email or webhook, and can even deploy a fully OEMed solution.

In a statement, the vendor’s CEO Frank Bien explained: “We’ve seen the adoption of embedded analytics continue to grow. Many companies begin with the Looker platform for internal analytics and then realize how valuable their data would be to their customers. Because Powered by Looker leverages the same platform, they can quickly extend insights to internal business partners and external customers using their data to make their product stickier and create new revenue streams.”

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