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Birst Tackles Decentralized Analytics with the Release of Birst 7

Birst Tackles Decentralized Analytics with the Release of Birst 7
Birst Tackles Decentralized Analytics with the Release of Birst 7

Source: Birst on YouTube

Birst has announced the release of Birst 7, a major update to the cloud BI provider’s flagship software. The new product enables customers to deliver governed analysis across the organization. Birst 7 features a new user interface that was designed to be faster than previous versions. The tool also offers a brand new data modeling experience that extends the company’s patented data warehouse automation technology. There’s a new administration module with auditing features and granular user management as well.

In addition to enterprise data modeling, Birst 7 is also getting self-service data preparation updates, as well as advanced data orchestration and Birst Smart Analytics. Birst Smart Analytics features a group of AI-enabled capabilities that allow users to utilize machine learning algorithms not before available to its customers. The capabilities were assembled using patented technologies that provide personalized insights and recommendations that turn Birst from descriptive to diagnostic and predictive.

The product is unique in that it enables customers to create cross-organization KPIs and data models while at the same time allowing decentralized teams to extend the analytics with their own data. Control of centrally managed data can be shared with decentralized teams without having to replicate or duplicate data.

In a press statement, the company’s Vice President of Product Management Bhargav Addala said: “We’re empowering global organizations to deliver trusted, governed metrics to decentralized analytics teams, which can extend and enrich the ‘shared version of the truth’ semantic layer, using self-service data preparation built specifically for the needs of the business. All of this is delivered through a unified, easy-to-use, modern interface providing every analytics consumer and creator the tools they need to tackle any analytics use case.”

Birst 7 is available now, as both a cloud-based product and as an on-prem virtual appliance. The virtual appliance offers the same capabilities as the cloud version. If you’re considering Birst, check out their blog for more information, or sign up for the Birst 7 online product launch on June 5.

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