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Examining Best Cloud BI and Analytics Firms in the 2020-21 Cloud Awards

Examining Best Cloud BI and Analytics Firms in the 2020-21 Cloud Awards
Examining Best Cloud BI and Analytics Firms in the 2020-21 Cloud Awards

Source: Cloud Awards

The Cloud Awards has released its picks for the Best Cloud Business Intelligence or Analytics Solution, a report in the mold of the Forbes Cloud 100 that includes the providers it sees as leaders in the space. The Cloud Awards program was founded by a group of technical engineers, business leaders, and marketers with the aim of revealing innovation in cloud computing. The program is available to cloud technology providers across the globe and features a number of different software categories.

The cloud has become a major disruptor in many of the key enterprise software categories, with none impacted more than BI and data management. As the adoption of cloud technologies becomes more prevalent, we expect this trend to continue. Solutions Review had a chance to peruse the new Cloud Awards report, available here, and compiled what we think are the key takeaways from the business intelligence and analytics section.

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Domo is the overall winner

After garnering a mention last year, Domo was awarded a win in the category. Domo is a cloud-based executive management platform that enables organizations to see key data in real-time from across the enterprise in one place and on any device. The company offers prepackaged dashboard content and functionality for filtering and sorting data visually in Domo Analyzer.

Domo announced a new series of augmented capabilities last March at its annual Domopalooza conference. Highlights of the platform update include new features for machine learning and data science, as well as data management capabilities that help users generate insight in a single workflow. The add-ons are aimed at augmenting how data is connected, transformed, and analyzed.

ThoughtSpot makes another appearance

Though ThoughtSpot ceded the overall winner’s position to Domo for the 2020-21 cycle, it remains one of the top options in the field. The company recently unveiled ThoughtSpot One, a cloud-based product that provides analytical content exploration and sharing. ThoughtSpot One is built and delivered via the ThoughtSpot Cloud and expands the platform’s search functionality. Search results are tailored to individual users through social graphs.

ThoughtSpot One lets users explore all existing answers in their organization, including answers created by others. The tool is powered by natural language capabilities that empower non-technical users to ask questions without requiring precise keywords or terminology. It then leverages the new underlying social graph to customize and rank the results for particular users, engagement patterns, and keyword relevance.

ChaosSearch gets a mention

ChaosSearch is a massively scalable ELK-compatible log analysis platform delivered as a fully managed service. The product enables the search and analysis of a customer’s cloud data via a proprietary UltraHot universal data format and associated architecture that allows for direct and accelerated analytics.

The company raised $40 million in Series B funding in January, bringing its total earned to nearly $60 million since being founded in 2017. 2020 was a banner year for the Boston-based bog data firm, as it saw impressive sales growth and a rapidly expanded enterprise customer base in the United States and in Europe.

Read the 2020-21 Cloud Awards.

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