Looker Adds Sales Analytics and New Developer Tools to Its BI Product

Looker Adds Sales Analytics and New Developer Tools to Its BI Product

Looker is adding sales analytics and new developer tools to its flagship BI product, according to a press release. The announcement, which was made at the company’s JOIN tour in London, expands its suite of purpose-built applications, which already includes Looker for Digital Marketing and Looker for Web Analytics applications. A JavaScript Embed SDK provides developer control over building interactive experiences, and enables workflows not previously available to Looker users.

Looker applications are designed to provide a tailored data-driven experience. The Looker for Sales Analytics application provides an entire sales team with a console to track and take action on pipeline management, quota attainment, and sales efficiency. The features provide sales representatives a complete view into quota attainment and pipeline health, while sales managers can see what makes their top reps successful. Sales operations leaders gain a customizable application to help them make sales more efficient, while also allowing reps and managers do self-service with pre-built reports.

New Looker Open Source tools provide users the ability to develop their own custom or embedded data experience. Supported by the Looker API, tailored solutions are simple to create and share within the community. Lookers is also adding four new visualization types to its library, including waterfall, box plot, trellis and word cloud. This ensures users can visualize data in several different ways.

In a media statement, the company’s Chief Product Officer Nick Caldwell spoke about the new innovations: “This announcement deepens our promise to empower every employee with dependable data by introducing new purpose-built experiences along with third-party developer features that pave the way for the availability of a suite of data applications on the Looker platform.”

The Looker for Sales Analytics application is now available in beta. While Looker open source tools are also available, the JavaScript Embed SDK will be available by month’s end.

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