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The One Must-Have Data Visualization Expert Course for 2023

The One Must-Have Data Visualization Expert Course

The One Must-Have Data Visualization Expert Course

There are many excellent options in the e-learning space, but Udacity’s data visualization expert course is a must-have this year.

Data visualization means giving numbers a visual context, and extends to existing concepts such as business intelligence and analytics. Getting good at it often requires knowing the best practices, understanding the different approaches, and using a proper data visualization tool. Fortunately, you can fake it until you make it with an expert practitioner guide, or by watching a few TED Talks, but sometimes specialized data visualization training becomes necessary.

Someone (wisely) decided that the interesting bits (outliers and trends) are better seen not as black-and-white numbers on a spreadsheet but as graphics made of colors, lines, and shapes. That’s why it’s in this spirit that Solutions Review editors bring you this recommendation to consider Udacity’s data visualization expert course if you’re looking to grow your skills this year.

Our editors review all of the best niche data online training (like this one on Excel data visualization courses) and services each year to bring our audience the top picks for their use case.

TITLE: Data Visualization Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: This training will teach you to combine data, visuals, and narratives to tell impactful stories and make data-driven decisions. It should take roughly 4 months to finish at 10 hours per-week.

Description: Communicating effectively is one of the most important skills needed today, and every business is collecting data to make informed decisions. Build on your data or business background to drive data-driven recommendations. Whether you are a data analyst looking to communicate more effectively, or a business leader looking to build data literacy, you will finish this program able to use data effectively in visual stories and presentations.


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