Video: Top Executives Discuss State of Analytics

In this panel video from Informatica’s Data Mania event, executives from four of the top enterprise technology companies discuss some of the hottest topics in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. The speakers include:

  • Stephanie Buscemi, SVP Marketing, Analytics Cloud at Salesforce
  • Dan Jewett, VP Product Management at Tableau
  • Mike Saltier, VP Industry Solutions at Qlik
  • Brad Peters, Chairman and CPO at Birst

The speakers talk about who primary users are, how the cloud has impacted BI tools, what role the ecosystem plays and what the future holds for these kinds of solutions.

The video is on the longer side, but countless insights can be pulled from the 38-minute clip, and for those who want to keep up on the latest and greatest in enterprise Business Intelligence, it’s well worth the watch.

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