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Pega Launches New Pega Express Methodology for Pega Platform

Pega Launches New Pega Express Methodology for Pega Platform

Pega Launches New Pega Express Methodology for Pega PlatformPegasystems recently announced Pega Express, according to a press release on the provider’s website. Pega Express is a new low-code software development methodology integrated within the provider’s flagship solution, Pega Platform, which is part of the Pega Infinity digital transformation software suite. This new methodology guides users step by step through designing and deploying Minimum Lovable Products (MLPs) and extending them into the future. 

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Pega Platform is a leading application development platform from Pegasystems, which drives superior customer engagement and operational excellence by combining industry-leading case management, Business Process Management (BPM), robotic process automation, AI, mobile, and omnichannel User Experience (UX) on a unified platform. It also connects existing systems and organizational silos, simplifies customer experience, and improves operational efficiency. Pega offers a code-free environment with a visual approach, resulting in faster deployments, quicker iterations, and reduced development costs.

The newly available Pega Express methodology provides a design-minded approach through a guided drag-and-drop interface within Pega Platform’s App Studio environment. App developers are enabled to collaboratively build their new apps by designing small, high-value case types within an application, as well as these cases associated processes. Additionally, users have the ability to select different personas and define how they engage within the app. App builders can also activate the most appropriate engagement channels, including a self-service portal, mobile device, or an agent desktop for each persona. Pega Express also provides complete visibility of relevant data sources, such as customer resource management or enterprise resource planning.

In a press statement, CTO and Vice President of Product Marketing at Pegasystems commented, “by incorporating design-thinking principles into how applications are created, we have turbocharged the pace of change in digital transformation. By infusing Pega Express methodology within Pega Platform, we’ve reinvented how businesspeople can engage with and evolve the systems that run their business, allowing them to quickly react to customer needs and stay ahead of competitors.”

The Pega Express methodology will be available with the release of Pega Platform 8.4, which is expected at the end of February.

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