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6 More Essential Cloud Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter-Accounts-to-Follow-for-Cloud-ComputingA few months ago, we gave you a list of the top ten cloud computing twitter accounts to follow to turn your feed into a veritable treasure trove of insightful cloud news and information. We hope that our suggestions helped you achieve that, but we recognize that Twitter is a big, big place.

Twitter’s active user base is 243 million users— that’s nearly four times the population of the United Kingdom. It would be foolhardy to think that we could get all of the best cloud accounts in a brief ten-point list.

So we’re back at it, helping you feed the feed need with the best cloud news, thought leadership, and best practices.

Read ahead for six more essential Twitter accounts for thought leadership in cloud computing and don’t forget to follow me @cloudtechreview for cloud and information security news and best practices.


Jeff Barr @JeffBarr

As Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Jeff Barr should be your go-to guy for the latest news and chatter about the world’s most popular public cloud. Barr regularly tweets key AWS news and stats, as well as useful ‘AWS week in review’ posts.

Marc Benioff @Benioff

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is a great source of… you guessed it… Salesforce information. Benioff regularly tweets about new products and information from the Software as a Service (SaaS) giant.

Mike Olson @mikeolson

Mike Olson is the Chief Strategy officer for Cloudera, but that doesn’t mean he limits himself to posting about the big data platform. Olson is an excellent source for big data news and thought leadership, as well as pithy one-liners.


Dana Gardner @Dana_Gardner

Dana Gardner is a creative thought leader on enterprise software, cloud, mobile, big data and social strategies, and also a prolific blogger and podcaster.

Barb Darrow @gigabarb

Barb Darrow is a cloud reporter for Fortune, formerly of Gigaom. Darrow is a prolific tweeter, and a consistent source for the latest industry news.

Paul Miller @PaulMiller

Paul Miller is a UK-based writer, speaker, and cloud computing and  big data analyst and consultant. Miller is a former Gigaom research analyst and a current  Forbes contributor.

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