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Alert Logic Introduces Network Intrusion Detection for Containers

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Today, Alert Logic announced a new network intrusion detection system (IDS) for containers. Alert Logic is a Security-as-a-Service company and this solution can be used in congruence with Alert Logic Cloud Defender and Threat Managed solutions. This tool allows organizations to inspect network traffic for malicious activity targeting containers, and faster detecting of compromises to enhance workloads running on AWS Cloud.

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IDS supports containers deployed on AWS including Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon Elastic Container Service, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Alert Logic will also add capabilities for other containers later in the year.

Containers have been notoriously unsecure without the right security tools and practices. Most enterprises don’t have the internal resources to manage container security, since many flaws are subtle and hard to detect manually.

“Without real-time detection capabilities, attackers and intruders can lurk within containers installing trojans, malware, ransomware, and cryptominers or even corrupting and exfiltrating data,” said Chris Noell, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Alert Logic.”

These flaws might outweigh the tremendous benefits of containers. Containers provide organizations with low overhead, power, agility, mobility, and more. This has caused container workloads to boom in popularity. However, Many businesses have delayed integrating container solutions due to the security concerns.

Noell states, “Network intrusion detection is critical to providing the visibility into container attacks that other approaches miss.”

It’s clear that implementing containers is a difficult process without the help of certain solutions. Security must be taken care of first and foremost. Additionally, security requires the right management capabilities. Many managed service providers help enterprises add containers to their cloud workloads. Some of which even partner with Alert Logic and other container solutions providers. For example, Logicworks is extending network IDS for containers to its customers.

Logicwork’s VP of Product Marketing, Steven Zeller, stated, “Although container technology is relatively new, it’s already a ‘go to’ code deployment strategy for Logicworks. Containers help our customers work smarter, and Logicwork ensures that our customers’ containers run securely and efficiently on AWS.”

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