Are You Subscribed to These Cloud Computing Podcasts?

Top Cloud Computing PodcastsIn the past five years, Podcasts have gone from fringe media to one of the most popular ways to get news and information.

Cloud computing podcasts haven’t exactly been a big part of the explosion in podcast popularity. There’s no Serial of cloud computing, nor should there be. But for those in the know, or those who need to know, cloud computing podcasts can be a great resource.  So check out one of these cloud computing podcasts and educate yourself next time you’re stuck in traffic or handling a routine office task.

The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast is by far the most prolific podcasts on this list. Starting in 2011, Cloudcast has chalked up 185 episodes so far, with no sign of stopping. Hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, both cloud experts in their own right, invite industry experts to discuss all aspects of cloud computing. For those of you just getting familiar with the cloud should check out Cloudcasts’ ByteSized, where cloud basics are discussed in short (roughly 10 minute) episodes.

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Cloud Computing Podcast

The Cloud Computing Podcast isn’t as active as Cloudcast but earns points for its unique approach. Host David Linthicum looks at the Cloud from an enterprise perspective, with the stated goal of preparing businesses to “look beyond conventional computing.” Every episode, Lithicum invites expert guests to discuss what’s new in cloud computing, and what’s working best for businesses getting involved. By keeping episodes short– averaging around 20 minutes– the Cloud Computing Podcast has created a digestible format for easy to understand cloud advice.

AWS Podcast

Amazon Web Services is one of the most prominent players in the cloud market, and they’ve got the content to back it up. Their excellent YouTube channel made our list of seven cloud computing channels you should follow, so it should be no surprise to find them here.

Jeff Barr, podcast host and AWS Chief Evangelist baptizes listeners (sorry, had to) in AWS’ offerings, news and tech tips, and conducts interviews with AWS partners and employees. If you’re working with AWS this should be your go-to source for news and solution-specific advice.

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Compare the Cloud

The guys at Compare the Cloud take a more irreverent approach to the cloud. If you’re looking for something a little more entertaining, but still educational, this is the podcast for you.

Hosted by Neil Cattermull and Andrew Mclean, Compare the Cloud podcast covers cloud news and best practices in a wide range of topics. For better or worse, I’m betting the episode on cloud dating is their most popular. Compare the Cloud just wrapped up their first season, here’s hoping for a season two.

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Bonus: A16z

Not a podcast per se, tech VC firm Andreessen Horowitz’s podcast covers a wide variety of tech topics. Instead of having set hosts, A16z gets topic-specific experts to handle each show. The result is a high-quality product, often helmed by big names such as Salesforce chief Marc Benioff. Here’s a couple of episodes pertaining to cloud computing:

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