AWS Summit New York: What Cloud Users Can Expect

AWS Summit New York: What Cloud Users Can ExpectTo supplement their cloud influence, Amazon Web Services holds summits each year around the globe. They host over 30 events in countries like America, China, Brazil, Sweden, and many more. The intent of these events is to bring the cloud community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Tomorrow is the AWS Summit New York and I will be attending to learn about the upcoming trends, technologies, best practices, etc.

AWS Summit New York Features

The AWS New York Summit will feature a few key attractions to entice attendance. One of which is the keynote with Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels. Dr. Vogels was one of the leading forces for Amazon’s development of AWS. He joined the company in 2004 as a distributed systems researcher. The keynote will also feature Dr. Matt Wood, GM of artificial intelligence for AWS.

Solution providers with various specializations sponsor the Expo Hall. Each has a booth to talk about products and what to expect going forward. The New York event will have managed service providers featured in our Buyer’s Guide, so we’ll gain first hand insights into the upcoming trends.

Learning Opportunities

For technical IT workers, the event features AWS certification bootcamps for specialties like SysOps, Solutions Architect, and Developer. Some last 8 hours and cost $225, but since the event itself is free, these bootcamps are intended for a specialized audience.

The event will also feature one-hour sessions led by AWS subject matter experts and/or top AWS customers. These will vary in depth and complexity, ranging from introductory sessions to deep dive technical content.

There will also be hands-on labs and workshops. The workshops engage attendees in a small-scale, hands-on session that provides relevant experience. The workshops are roughly two hours long and cap at about 80 attendees to improve networking and learning. The hands-on labs help you evaluate and learn how to work with AWS solutions with step-by-step instructions on an AWS Console in a live practice environment. There are over 100 lab topics that range from introductory to expert and these take around 30 to 60 minutes. These labs do not require registrations.

Another method of learning is the Chalk Talk, which are short presentations designed to stimulate conversation and open mic white boarding session following. The intent is to encourage discussion around real world architecture challenges. This is where AWS users will have the best opportunity to talk to AWS experts.

In addition to these learning sessions, there will be team challenges, which are five-hour sessions where you work with a team to build solutions and solve problems. There will also be product demo sessions that provide users with how-to-instructions straight from the experts.

This event is guaranteed to be a great time and we hope to see you there!