CIO Review 20 Promising Cloud Solutions Providers: Who We’re Tracking

CIO Review 20 Promising Cloud Solutions Providers: Who We're Tracking
CIO Review recently released its sixth annual 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers, a listing of solution providers that are helping enterprises move from legacy systems to the cloud. Some names are impossible not to recognize, but many are lesser known vendors that we’ve kept our eyes on. This list has a variety of vendors with different backgrounds such as managed services, automated provisioning, analytics, and more.

Navigating the cloud and its demands can be difficult for enterprises and vendors alike. There are so many influencers like analytics, IoT, hybrid cloud, etc. The report specifically mentions trends like multi-cloud and Monitoring-as-a-Service growing in prominence. Multi-cloud provides enterprises with advantages over cyber attacks and DDoS.

At Solutions Review, we track the top cloud solutions providers with the largest impact on the marketplace. Thus, we’ve read through CIO’s 20 vendor list and segmented 5 vendors we’re following daily. For an even deeper breakdown of the top cloud solutions, consult our Buyer’s Guide for Cloud Platforms.


ActivePlatform is a cloud provisioning and billing automation platform for a variety of cloud as-a-Service options. The platform includes an open vendor integration framework to provide value to any company, regardless of cloud preference. ActivePlatform enables aggregation, delivery, and monetization of cloud services. The company will also be releasing new features later this year.


ATMECS works with organizations to help implement emerging computing technologies. They’ve given enterprises access to technologies like AI, Blockchain, and more. Their flagship product gives clients an integrated lab environment which ties together technologies with the help from ATMECS development team. The company helps clients simplify their cloud services while integrated new technologies.


FortressSecure is a multi-cloud storage and collaboration platform that offers decentralized key management technology. Their key management options enable end users to secure file syncing, cloud sharing, and data access capabilities. It allows safer and easier movement of data between different cloud environments. The platform encrypts and fragments data in real-time and divides it into encrypted folders across clouds.


Krystallize is a cloud performance management company that provides services to simplify moving applications into the cloud.  Krystallizes flagship tool, CloudQoS, performs assessments of top cloud service providers to discover variabilities in these clouds. It does this to discover which cloud would be the best fit/cost solution for your workloads. After finding which cloud is best for your workloads, Krystallize’s team works with clients to ensure reliable service.


The only managed service provider on this list, Reliam is an AWS MSP that delivers a variety of cloud services for clients. The California based company helps enterprises manage their cloud infrastructure with security best practices and cost optimization. Their hybrid options simplify migration, as you don’t have to immediately dedicate to a full move to the cloud. Reliam’s automation tools make them a solid partner for implementing DevOps and maintaining compliance.