Video: Managing Cloud Security During Your Digital Transformation

cloud security digital transformation

Solutions Review sat down with Jonaki Egenolf, chief marketing officer of Threat Stack, to discuss priorities during a digital transformation. Threat Stack offers cloud security management and compliance solutions.

An influx of enterprises have moved to a public cloud due to their many benefits. This digital transformation comes with a variety of challenges. For example, migration requires a lot of finetuning, sometimes more than an individual enterprise can handle internally. This has led to increased popularity for managed service providers (MSPs). MSPs offer help with data and application migration, as well as many other forms of migration. Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide below to learn more.

The shift to the cloud introduces new opportunities to embed security into infrastructure. Jonaki notes the challenge in finding the right cybersecurity talent to make this a reality. Optimal cloud security needs to create a balance between security and speed. Thus, security should never be placed on the backburner or sacrificed for development speed. 

Jonaki believes enterprises need a deep level of security and insight to take full advantage of the cloud. Threat Stack offers continuous cloud monitoring to detect anomalous behavior within a cloud environment. Because of this, enterprises can consistently manage their cloud security with deep insights.

Most organizations decide to get their cloud up and running as fast as possible. However, this leads to a divide between migrating quickly and enforcing security. Jonaki points out that security often falls behind development and business needs. She says the problem lies in the mindset, “cloud first, security second.” This is obviously the wrong approach. Security must take priority throughout a digital transformation. This can be accomplished through tools, managed services, or a larger dedicated security team.

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