DXC Technology Launches Analytics Migration Factory for Azure

Global enterprises need to migrate vast amounts of data and analytics to the cloud. This process comes with many difficulties when doing it internally. This led DXC Technology, a managed service provider, to announce their new Analytics Migration Factory for Microsoft Azure.

Analytics Migration Factory gives clients an end-to-end experience for development, delivery, and ongoing support services. It drives migration with a deep library of cataloged methods, proven design patterns, and best practices. All backed by a team of trained and certified migration factory experts.  DXC houses more than 900 Azure professional certifications, 900 analytics clients, and 8,000 analytics and AI professionals worldwide.

“We’ve entered a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovation cycle in the digital era,” said Edward Ho, executive vice president and general manager, Offerings, at DXC. “Increasingly, global enterprises want to leverage and benefit from digital innovations like AI and machine learning for smooth, rapid and orchestrated migration of data and analytic workloads from any source to the cloud.”

Rohan Kumar, corporate vice president, Azure Data Platform, Microsoft Corporation, said, “DXC’s Analytics Migration Factory approach is a significant advancement for companies seeking to move their analytics workloads quickly and efficiently to Microsoft Azure and open new opportunities to gain value from their data and analytics.”

DXC’s application of broader standardization on both Azure tools and select third-party components produces improvements during and following migration to Azure.

Key benefits of the DXC Analytics Migration Factory for Microsoft Azure include:

  • Complete migration solution from assessment to optimization, with an extensive set of analytics services and accelerators;
  • Dedicated functional factory lines with specialized teams certified in Azure technologies and experienced in securing data in public clouds;
  • Consistent and repeatable deployment methods that drive seamless integration and efficiency of the migration process to minimize business disruption;
  • Mature “run” processes, tools, DevOps and detailed usage reporting for optimized management to mitigate the risks in security management, service continuity and workload support; and
  • World class execution model that is complementary to DXC Cloud Services for Microsoft Azure in which specialized tools, methods and skills are deployed to transform and move applications to a hybrid IT infrastructure with Azure.

Learn more about DXC Technology in our guide below.