Google Launches New ‘Nearline’ Cold Storage Cloud Solution

Google_Cloud_Storage_NearlineWEDNESDAY, MARCH 11th – This morning Google launched Google Cloud Storage Nearline, a new cloud service for cold storage. Cold storage, as defined by Tech Target, is “the retention of inactive data that an organization rarely, if ever, expects to access.” With Nearline, Google customers will be able to store and access cold data for less that one cent per gigabyte a month.

Nearline, according to a whitepaper released by Google today, represents a third cold storage option, between traditional offline storage, which has slow data retrieval times, and expensive online cold storage. By “relaxing availability and latency expectations” Nearline can offer cold storage at a low cost per GB per month.

Nearline’s price point is about the same as Amazon’s Glacier cold storage system, but Google has set Nearline apart by promising data retrieval times of about three seconds, while other cold storage solutions can take hours to retrieve your data.

Nearline will also automatically copy stored data across multiple server locations to ensure data security and availability.

Google has partnered with multiple storage companies for the launch of Nearline, including Veritas/Symantec, NetApp, Iron Mountain, and Geminare.


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