Mendix and Pivotal Team Up for RAD in Cloud Foundry PaaS

Mendix and Pivotal Team Up for RAD in Cloud Foundry PaaSMendix and Pivotal have teamed up to bring Mendix’s rapid application development (RAD) capabilities to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS (platform as a service). The two companies announced the partnership in a press release Monday morning.

The partnership will allow development teams to deploy Mendix’s no-code RAD environment  on Pivotal’s open-source Cloud Foundry PaaS (originally developed by VMware), which could provide major time and labor saving benefits for rapid development teams, and will allow easy app development and management for less technical customers.

The press release also announced an open-source Mendix Cloud Foundry buildpack that turns Mendix apps into Cloud Foundry Droplets, available now on GitHub. Becuase the buildpack is open-source, it will be available for use on any technology using the Cloud Foundry platform.

One-click deployment of Mendix apps to Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Pivotal Web Services has also been announced and will be available directly within the Mendix Business Modeler.

Customers will also have access to pre-built application components from the Mendix marketplace, which will accelerate the development of new apps.

The combination of these offers makes for an app development and management platform with very low barriers to adoption, skill-wise, and speedy development and deployment. The drawback to the no-code approach is a lack of customization and flexibility in development.

Mendix and Pivotal are hoping to entice enterprise customers by offering “a new level of speed and agility to the development and delivery of modern, cloud-native applications.”

“Enterprises look to Pivotal to help them transform and drive disruptive growth opportunities in their industries,” said James Watters, vice president and general manager, Cloud Platform Group at Pivotal in the press release. “Mendix brings powerful rapid application development capabilities to Pivotal Cloud Foundry, further enhancing enterprise agility and accelerating continuous delivery of innovative business solutions.”

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