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REPORT: Most C-Suite Execs Worried About Missing Cloud Advancements

REPORT: Most C-Suite Execs Worried About Missing Cloud Advancements

REPORT: Most C-Suite Execs Worried About Missing Cloud AdvancementsBackup and recovery provider Commvault just unveiled the results of a new survey, which found that 81 percent of C-level executives and other IT leaders are concerned about missing out on cloud advancements and about 75 percent see data protection and backup “as one of the cloud projects that are most impactful to their business,” according to a release.

The survey was completed in partnership with IT research firm CITO Research and found that cloud FOMO, fear of missing out, is causing business executives to move forward with cloud strategies. In fact, 93 percent of participants said they were moving at least some of their processes to the cloud and 56 percent stated that they’ve moved or plan to move all of their processes to the cloud.

“The survey unequivocally confirms that Cloud FOMO is real and on the mind of C-level and other IT leaders who are grappling with bringing the value of this new frontier to their organizations, from increasing IT outcomes to being a strategic driver for increased business agility,” CTO at CITO Research Dan Woods said. “The research indicates the migration toward the cloud is underway in full force, even as companies struggle to understand cloud capabilities. Data protection and recovery was highlighted as a fundamental area where the cloud is having significant business impact.”

Research pointed to the fact that about 75 percent of business executives saw data protection and backup as one of the cloud projects that affect their organizations more than any other cloud initiative. The report also found that 63 percent were worried about being able to recover data quickly from the cloud.

“Our experience makes it clear that these concerns come from customers who understand they need more than native tools for basic level backup,” Don Foster, senior director of solutions marketing for Commvault, said.  “Customers are increasingly aware they need holistic backup and recovery, ensuring that no matter where their data lives – on-premises or in the cloud – it is properly protected and recoverable.”

Commvault provided the following points that respondents said stood in the way of transporting additional apps and data to the cloud, according to the report:

  • 68 percent cited sheer volume of data
  • 65 percent struggle developing staff skills/acquiring talent to support the migration
  • 55 percent cited policies across cloud and on-premises data as major barriers
  • Cloud migration investment: 87 percent of business leader respondents plan to put more budget toward cloud next year. Meanwhile only four percent anticipate that they’ll be investing less.
  • Data security & recovery: 91 percent claim to have implemented data protection for SaaS or cloud based applications.
  • Primary customer reasons to move to the cloud:
  • Customer focus through business agility: 33 percent
  • Cost savings: 22 percent
  • Innovation and development of new apps, products and services: 20 percent

Only one percent of business execs said their cloud journey was “frustrating” and about 13 percent found it “expensive.” However, 51 percent called it “innovative” and 35 percent said it was “exciting,” the report stated.

The survey was reportedly aimed at C-level executives in industries including but not limited to tech, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and telecom in the United States.

Click here to read the entire report. 

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