The International State of the Cloud in 2015

Over the past decade, cloud computing has matured into one of the fastest growing segments of corporate IT spending—worldwide spending on Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will grow 32.8 percent in 2015, according to Gartner, and that’s just one market segment.

However, despite massive growth in North America, cloud computing has struggled to gain traction outside of the United States.

To help us make sense of the global disparity in cloud adoption, Dell has put together a brief presentation on “The International State of Cloud Computing” in 2015. The 23 slide presentation examines cloud adoption in six markets (worldwide, US and Canada, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific) with a metanalysis of research studies and surveys.

You can view the presentation in full above, or read on for key takeaways.

  • 88% of organizations use some form of public cloud computing while 63% utilize a private cloud.
  • Companies with 1,000+ employees say they’ll increase spending on cloud computing by 52%.
  • Public cloud spending is expected to grow to $21 billion in 2015, a 25% raise from 2014.
  • The United States ranked third in the Business Software Alliance’s (BSA) Global Cloud Computing Scorecard with a score of 79.7.
  • 59% of all new cloud service spending comes from North American enterprises.
  • Only 19% of EU businesses say they used cloud services in 2014
    Cloud computing is still in the early stages of adoption in Africa, with the exception of South Africa, which ranked twentieth on the BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard.
  • Cloud computing in Latin America is expected to grow at an annual rate of 26%.
  • Asia-Pacific is predicted to spend $7.4 billion on public cloud services in 2015, up 14.2% from 2014.
  • Japan ranked first in the BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard with a score of 84.1.
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