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What’s Holding Cloud Security Back?

What's Holding Cloud Security Back?

5 Tips for Greater Cloud Storage Security

“The age of the cloud” could also be read as “the age of cloud anxiety”. In the past, a significant portion of business worries stemmed from the physical, rather than the digital. Office destruction through fire or natural disaster was a serious concern, but concrete and definite measures could be put into place to reduce the likelihood of lost data. Today, we rely on the cloud to keep our documents safe, which can be relieving or absolutely terrifying depending on your confidence in your CSP.

With an increased reliance on cloud backup, it’s important for you to understand some of the most common concerns regarding cloud security. Take a look!

No Current Standardization

If everyone in a soccer match is playing by separate rules, well… that match isn’t going to happen. With a wide range of rules dictating what happens in the cloud and how it happens, it’s unlikely that there’s going to be an acceptable level of trust.

The Government Will Have Access to Any and All Company Data

As we learned at the end of 2016 at San Bernandino, user data is never one-hundred percent off limits. While Apple made a significant effort to hold off government paws from user iPhone access, not many tech companies can afford the same level of data protection.

Leaks from Within

There’s a lot of trust in cloud storage. But should there be? If employees are the ones with the ability to store data in the first place, what keeps them from leaking information if they’re particularly upset with company.

Business Will Need to Make a Profit

Keep in mind, that most businesses may claim to have your data’s security at the forefront of their mind, they’ll also be looking for ways to to cut down on expenditures. If that means bypassing some of the latest security updates, and other protocol, that leaves your data exposed.

The Threat of Cyber-Attacks

Many businesses are always worried about the possibility of a cyber attack, and that’s completely understandable. As security tools become more powerful, cyber-criminals will always find a way to stay up to date.

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