Xton Technologies Brings Privileged Access Management Tool to MSPs

This morning, privileged access management solution provider Xton Technologies unveiled the Xton Access Manager (XTAM) MSP software. This privileged access management solution gives managed service providers a new tool to play with.

XTAM MSP allows managed services providers to expand their security offerings. MSPs can manage privileged accounts for multiple clients, providing easy deployment, and meeting business demands of all sizes.

Managed service providers often team up with solution providers to diversify their offerings. Thus, clients of MSPs always have access to the latest tech trends. Each managed service provider comes with different strengths and weaknesses. Tools like XTAM MSP help fill in any of their gaps.

According to Xton Technologies, privileged accounts are a common digital security vulnerability for enterprises across the globe. In the wrong hands, privileged account credentials can cause data breaches, business disruptions, or complete network takeovers.

Further, more and more enterprises—especially small to medium-sized businesses—are turning to managed services providers. With the cybersecurity staffing crisis in full swing, enterprises increasingly rely on managed services providers to fill the talent gap and to provide 24/7 network monitoring.

In a statement, Xton Technologies CEO Mark Klinchin said: “We designed XTAM MSP with multitenant vaults and vault-based approval workflows allowing service providers to host multiple clients on the same infrastructure while ensuring the strongest protections for each individual client’s data.”

Xton Technologies release speaks volumes to the necessity of managed services providers in the modern cybersecurity landscape. Additionally, it shows how even solution providers rely on each other to provide the capabilities and functionalities enterprises need to stay secure. “Service providers and hosting companies are struggling to be compliant with GDPR and other regulatory requirements. The need for managing all privileged accounts efficiently with strong audit capabilities is important,” said Klinchin.

You can learn more about the XTAM MSP solution on the Xton Technologies website.