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Pipeliner Unveils New Visual Relationship Mapping Capabilities

Pipeliner Unveils New Visual Relationship Mapping Capabilities

Pipeliner Unveils New Visual Relationship Mapping Capabilities

In a recent press release, CRM vendor Pipeliner announced the release of its brand new Visual Relationship  Mapping capabilities. This will allow Pipeliner users to visually the map the relationships between various contacts, as well as the relationships between their accounts and other organizations. Combined with other features such as the Organization Chart and Buying Center features, Pipeliner now offers an incredibly comprehensive suite of visual relationship mapping tools.

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“There is no doubt that Sales is becoming more complicated due to the ever-expanding networks that prospects and clients are part of. The key to overcoming these challenges is to carefully map out the relationships your contacts and accounts have and then assess what their level of influence or relationship is. Then you can label them according to that level of influence. To make this easy to do, we built these new visual Contact and Account mapping capabilities into Pipeliner CRM. Now together with the existing visual Buying Center and Org Chart salespeople can, for the first time in any CRM, build out a true visual landscape of their deals.” says Nikolaus Kimla, CEO at Pipeliner Sales.

The new Contact Relationship Mapping features will allow users to build a relationship graph for each contact, map out their connections and who is influencing them, and assign roles to their contacts. These features can also be applied to any accounts and their relations.

Additionally, Pipeliner has enhanced its Map feature, allowing users to see the location of accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts on the map. They can also quick filter to display on the marker, click marker to see and edit details, and display a legend in opportunities showing the business overview.

To learn more about Pipeliner and their new visual relationship mapping capabilities, click here.

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