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Really Simple Systems Launches New VoIP Integration

Really Simple Systems Launches New VoIP Integration

Really Simple Systems Launches New VoIP Integration

CRM vendor Really Simple Systems has announced its new VoIP Telephony Integration, which enables incoming calls to be automatically matched to your customer CRM records. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) delivers telephone calls over the internet, and allows its users to make or receive calls from any telephone in the world, regardless of the other persons’s equipment or tools.

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VoIP has two main benefits: it’s usually much cheaper than traditional telephony, and it can integrate with many other cloud-based applications and enterprise technology. By integrating this tech with the rest of your systems, you reduce time spent swapping between applications. It also helps to make your business more efficient and productive.

Really Simple System’s VoIP integration enables incoming calls to be automatically redirected to a user’s customer CRM records, and displays the correct Contact or Account information while the call is active. This reduces the hassle of searching for a client’s information when you receive a call, or having to scribble down information on a sticky note or piece of paper. Call details can also be recorded in your Account Activities.

This integration is compatible with most VoIP software, and integrates with any VoIP client that can call an external URL and pass it the incoming telephone number. Additional questions and inquiries can be sent to Really Simple Systems’ customer support team.

If you want to learn more Really Simple Systems’ CRM VoIP integration, click here. 

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