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9 Enterprise-Level CRM Platforms to Check Out

9 Enterprise-Level CRM Platforms to Check Out in 2020

9 Enterprise-Level CRM Platforms to Check Out in 2020

The new year has come and gone, which means it’s time to consider upgrading your current CRM platform. The best CRM vendors don’t let their products stagnate. They offer consistent updates and release new features that address specific customer concerns.

Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current platform, or you’re looking for something new to experiment with, this list of 9 enterprise-level CRM platforms to check out is sure to provide you with an option you hadn’t considered yet. These options will mostly be applicable to large-scale businesses, but don’t worry if you’re a small business looking to spare some change. We have you covered. 

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9 Enterprise-Level CRM Platforms to Check Out in 2020InStream is an all-in-one sales and relationship management platform based on real-time communication. Its main features are contact management, all-in-one communication, relationship management, sales automation, and smart tools. InStream’s tools allow you to gather information about prospects and leads from their social platforms, including additional contact details from their LinkedIn profile, as well as insights based on their behavior. This platform’s smart tools and intelligent fields make sure that users always know what’s going on. An active notification system keeps users well-informed, and they can access data-driven insights as they develop relationships with their clients.


Designed to accelerate revenue with improved sales execution and automation, LeadSquared users can build unique sales processes with customized forms that indicate their leads’ interests. Every interaction with a lead is tracked, be it through your website, blog, chat system, or email. Tasks can be organized by priority, and distracting clutter is removed from your sales team’s work area. Automate repetitive tasks with lead assignment, reminders, sales automation, and daily status checks. As your business grows, track revenue with performance metrics and identify high-performing salespeople. In addition to CRM, LeadSquared offers a diverse portfolio, including additional platforms for field force automation, marketing automation, lead & sales conversion, and a mobile CRM application.


PipelineDeals offers four different solutions: sales pipeline management, lead management, contact management, and sales team management. Depending on the needs of your business you can pick and choose what would work best. All of PipelineDeals’ solutions are built around accessibility and customization, and their customer service team has received very positive reviews from both previous and current customers. PipelineDeals also offers a sales pipeline application for iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing users to stay on top of their tasks and responsibilities while away from their desktop. This is particularly useful for companies that employ several on-the-go sales employees.

Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM offers the standard functionality of an enterprise-level CRM platform, but also offers certain capabilities that make it stand out from the rest. Particularly, its ability to integrate with an organization’s operational data and spans the full length of a business. Pivotal’s CRM platform is very flexible, and integrates easily with your existing MRP and ERP solutions, making it a great fit for organizations looking for that final piece of enterprise software to tie their whole portfolio together. Pivotal does offer a mobile application for iOS devices, but it is not available for Android users.


9 Enterprise-Level CRM Platforms to Check Out in 2020Salesflare markets itself as a simple but powerful CRM tool, and is a great choice for smaller businesses within the B2B world that are trying to reduce their time spent on data entry and other monotonous but vital tasks. It offers integrations with Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, PieSync, and Zapier, allowing users access to a versatile CRM without compromising their access to other useful tools. Salesflare automates information gathering by collecting data from emails, email signatures, social profiles, and other sources. Meetings and phone calls are automatically logged, and Salesflare will automatically organize any customer-relevant documents and PDFs.


Talisma offers three different CRM solutions: one dedicated to customer service, one dedicated to sales, and one dedicated to marketing. Users can quickly configure complex business processes with flexible business modelling. The domain terminology manager provides a flexible architecture for users to build their own object set and nomenclature. For salespeople on the go, Talisma offers a mobile solution that enables real-time two-way updates with tools like Google Maps, and mobile camera support. Employees in the field can optimize their meeting calendar, map their route, and track their progress out of office. Talisma also offers an in-depth digital customer engagement platform.


Vtiger breaks silos between marketing, sales, and support teams in order to offer a comprehensive view of every customer. Vtiger encourages collaboration between teams, while simultaneously keeping them organized, productive, and in-sync. Leads are automatically assigned to agents based on location, deal size, availability, language, and other preferences. Users receive smart alerts to notify them about tasks and updates associated with different deals. Visualize sales pipelines and gain insights into open deals, territory performance, and more. Forecast opportunities based on previous deals, and optimize team performance to ensure continuous growth.


9 Enterprise-Level CRM Platforms to Check Out in 2020Workbooks is a CRM solution with marketing, sales, order processing, and customer service capabilities. Core features include account & contact management, sales management & automation, workflow automation, mobile access, customizable layouts, and more. Workbooks also offers an advanced email marketing tool that enables its users to send automated, targeted marketing emails. Workbooks additionally offers a web analytics and insight tool that identifies website visitors and tracks their activity. This data is automatically recorded against organizations, leads, and other important contacts that already exist within Workbooks CRM.

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