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LionOBytes Achieves European Privacy Shield Certifications

LionOBytes Achieves European Privacy Shield Certifications

LionOBytes Achieves European Privacy Shield Certifications

LionOBytes recently announced that it has achieved EU – U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss – U.S. Privacy Shield Certifications with the U.S. Department of Commerce. LionOBytes selected TrustArc to review and verify that they imply with the Privacy Shield Framework regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the EU and Switzerland to the United States. The solution also includes independent dispute resolution services to address p[rivacy-related questions around customer data and ongoing access to privacy guidance.

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LionOBytes’ CRM solution, known as LionO360, empowers small and medium-sized businesses to automate business processes. Drive leads through your pipeline and increases your close rate with powerful sales process automation. Users have easy access to everything they need to know on a single page, and can review important information from their phone or tablet. With LionO360, customers can increase their business value with a customizable, cloud-based solution that helps increase sales, nurture customer relationships, and drive growth.

The verification, performed by TRUSTe LLC, a subsidiary of TrustArc Inc, follows a three-phase process to prepare companies for Privacy Shield certification using a combination of experienced privacy analysts, proven assessment methodology and the TrustArc Privacy Platform.

  • Phase I includes a comprehensive review of the participant’s privacy practices against the Privacy Shield Principles and creation of a detailed privacy findings report.
  • Phase II includes a review of the findings with the participant, implementation by the participant of remediation recommendations and documentation of action item completion.
  • Phase III includes activation, including issuing the TRUSTe seal and activation of dispute resolution services for customer data. The solution also includes access to ongoing privacy guidance along with use of TrustArc Assessment Manager to review the compliance report.

“Trust and transparency are critical components to doing business. Customers want to know with complete confidence that a company is applying all necessary and available measures to ensure that their data is being protected,” says Arun Upadhyay, CEO and Founder of LionOBytes. “By working with TrustArc, we are demonstrating to our customers and to the market at large that we take data protection very seriously, and that we are using the best available means to secure the customer data we handle, as well as to comply with data privacy regulations.”

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