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SharpSpring Releases CRM-Integrated Chatbots with Live Chat

SharpSpring Releases CRM-Integrated Chatbots with Live Chat

SharpSpring Releases CRM-Integrated Chatbots with Live Chat

SharpSpring has recently announced the release of SharpSpring Chatbots, a dynamic tool that can triple website conversion rates. This new feature makes it simple to build powerful virtual sales assistants that can engage with prospects and convert them into leads and sales at any point in time. SharpSpring Chatbots can capture leads, increase lead scores, kick-off automation events, schedule meetings, send content, and perform hundreds of other powerful sales functions.

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SharpSpring offers a complete sales, email, and marketing automation platform for businesses and agencies. Their behavioral-based tracking tool helps users understand what motivates each click. It also enhances email automation, as customers are tracked after the click for increased personalization. Convert leads with dynamic forms, set up buyer personas for your products and services, and easily connect with a myriad of 3rd party CRM integrations.

SharpSpring Chatbots are deeply integrated and take full advantage of the vendor’s marketing automation and CRM platform. By performing a variety of tasks, business leaders can avoid the need to create complex connections between a variety of separate platforms. The Chatbots address repeat visitors by name, offer to connect them to their sales rep, provide information about a specific product or service, all while tracking engagement and initializing a variety of automation processes. Users have access to an intuitive visual workflow builder that gives them complete control over each Chatbot’s conversation path.

“Our methodology is to only build tools we know will be stronger as part of our platform than as standalone tools,” says Morgan Bell, Head of Product at SharpSpring. “Our partners already leverage lead tracking on their sites, but they’ve asked for an integrated chatbot solution to deliver additional value from our powerful marketing and sales automation features.”

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