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2019 CRN Big Data 100: 4 Top Data Integration Companies to Consider

2019 CRN Big Data 100: 4 Top Data Integration Companies to Consider

2019 CRN Big Data 100: 4 Top Data Integration Companies to Consider

IT news and analysis outlet CRN recently released its sixth annual 2019 Big Data 100, a vendor listing that identifies the solution providers that are innovating in the space. The list is aimed at helping the providers identify the best partners. Different this year is that the list is broken down into four distinct technology categories, including business analytics, data science and machine learning, big data systems, and data management and integration tools.

CRN has gone ahead and published the Coolest Big Data Management And Integration Software included in the list via an interactive slideshow. At Solutions Review, we track the solution providers that have the biggest impact on the enterprise. As such, we’ve read through CRN’s complete rankings, available here, and plucked the 4 top data integration companies we think matter most. For an even deeper breakdown of the top advanced analytics solutions, consult our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools.

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Actian offers data integration software in on-prem and cloud editions, DataConnect and DataCloud. DataConnect is a hybrid solution that enables users to design, deploy, and manage integrations without limits on data types or volumes. Actian Cloud is an elastic platform for deploying and managing hybrid, on-prem, or cloud-to-cloud integrations in an on-demand services platform that is powered by Amazon Web Services.


Informatica’s data integration portfolio includes both on-prem and cloud deployments. Informatica combines advanced hybrid integration capabilities and centralized governance with self-service business access for various analytic functions. Informatica recently introduced its CLAIRE Engine, a metadata-driven AI engine that delivers a broad spectrum of data management tools by applying machine learning.


Striim offers a real-time data integration solution that enables continuous query processing and streaming analytics. Striim integrates data from a wide variety of sources, including transaction/change data, events, log files, application and IoT sensor, and real-time correlation across multiple streams. The platform features pre-built data pipelines, out-of-the-box wizards for configuration and coding, and a drag-and-drop dashboard builder.


Tamr offers a machine learning-based data integration product called Unify. The solution allows organizations to connect to any tabular data and publish it anywhere. Users can map schemas with machine learning suggestions and normalize data formats using Spark and SQL. Tamr’s Master Records feature provides a complete view of all entities via simple yes and no questions as well.

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