Actian Corporation Enters Into Merger With HCL Technologies in Deal Worth $330 Million

Actian Corporation Enters Into Merger With HCL Technologies in Deal Worth $330 Million

Palo Alto-based data integration provider Actian announced yesterday that it has been acquired by a conglomerate made up of HCL Technologies and Sumeru Equity Partners. The parties have entered into a definitive agreement on the merger, which is reported to be worth $330 million. A global IT services company, HCL Technologies will absorb an 80 percent share when the deal is complete.

Actian will continue to operate as an separate entity within the HCL Technologies ecosystem. HCL’s chief executive C Vijayakumar said about the acquisition: “Actian will play a critical role in enhancing HCL’s Mode 3 offerings in data management products and platforms. Actian’s products when combined with HCL’s Mode 2 solution offerings like Cloud Native, Digital and Analytics, and DRYICE, will be a powerful proposition to harness the power of hybrid data.”

Actian is a major player in the overarching big data marketplace, with mentions in many of the analyst reports, including Gartner’s Magic Quadrant where it was recently named a top provider in data management solutions for analytics. The company is known for its columnar and operational database solutions, Actian Vector and Actian X. Actian’s flagship data integration tool is Actian DataConnect.

In a press statement, Actian’s president and CEO Rohit De Souza added: “The combined force of HCL’s next-generation products, platforms, and services; SEP’s experience in scaling enterprise software businesses; and Actian’s tradition of innovation in data management, data analytics, and integration technologies will enable customers to tap into the disruptive potential of their data and deliver tangible business results.”

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