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Adeptia Updates Connect; Simplifies Self-Service Integration

Adeptia Connect

Adeptia, one of our top-24 data integration providers, and a vendor we track, has recently announced updates to Adeptia Connect, the industry’s first integration platform that gives users the ability to create connections with other companies for the purposes of exchanging critical business information. The updates to Connect simplify self-service integration for business users and fast-forwards revenue with a streamlined interface and shared connections. Updates to management controls within Adeptia’s flagship SaaS solution also improve security.

The updated solution includes shared connections in the Adeptia Connect Library, and a streamlined user interface. Further, an additional layer of protection for sensitive data through its Secure Engine, which offers IT department’s more security and control over their self-service platform.

The company explains: “The latest updates to Adeptia Connect make it even simpler for business users to effectively manage their own connections so that they can onboard customers and access data faster, without the added cost and time of going through a technical IT resource. Through the Shared Connections Library, business users can create connections directly to their customers and partners using hundreds of pre-defined templates.”

Additional control via Secure Engine allows IT to do more without having to worry about the unintentional exposure of valuable data. Users are now granted the ability to choose to run all connections from their own servers instead of Adeptia’s Multi-Tenant Environment, ensuring that customer data stays within their own environment and never travels through the Adeptia Connect Cloud, further enhancing control and security.

Deepak Sing, President and Chief Technology Officer at the company describes: “When service providers bring on a new customer, they must take in an initial amount of information about that customer in order to provide their services to them. We’ve seen this process take up to 18 weeks, involving custom coding, meetings between two IT departments, and the creating of point-to-point integrations. We are eliminating the need for all that by making it dirt-simple for business users to set up their own data connections, reducing integration time from months to minutes.”

Additional updates to Adeptia Connect include:

  • Secure Bridge: Allows customers to securely connect internal, on-premise applications to Adeptia Connect
  • New Application Connectors: Hubspot, Shopify, Xero, Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Magento, Concur, and BigCommerce are now all supported
  • Personalization: Users can customize the look of Adeptia Connect by using their own branding within the platform

The updated version of Adeptia Connect is now available and can be found here.

Click here for the full press release.

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