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Airbyte Nabs $26M Series A Funding for Open-Source Data Integration

Airbyte Nabs $26M Series A Funding for Open-Source Data Integration
Airbyte Nabs $26M Series A Funding for Open-Source Data Integration

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Airbyte recently announced that it secured $26 million in Series A funding led by Benchmark, according to a blog post by co-founder and CEO Michel Tricot. The funding will enable Airbyte to add more features and connectors, as well as hasten time to value for its customers. The company will also add new talent to support Airbyte in building both open-source editions and a future cloud version of its data integration technology.

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Airbyte offers an open-source data integration solution with pre-built and custom connectors. The product can be deployed on laptops and even servers to replicate data without coding via the vendor’s web application. Airbyte enables users to quickly authenticate sources and warehouses and acquire connectors that adapt to scheme or API changes. Customers can also build connectors in any language, and the tool adapts to your stack. Self-hosted Airbyte implies data that doesn’t go to 3rd-party services as well.

According to Tricot, Airbyte will “double down” on its community by providing relevant content and support. The company will have full compatibility with Kubernetes and is set to release “several” flagship projects over the next few months as well. Airbyte also plans to continue improving the experience while building and maintaining connectors. Tricot adds: “We will release CDC across all the main databases and we will support all the cloud storage destinations.”

Airbyte recently added a new connector development kit that cuts time to add a data source down to less than two hours. The Airbyte Connector Development Kit (CDK) also standardizes the way connectors are built, maintained, and scaled

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