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Alluxio Nabs $15.5 Million in Series B Funding for Data Orchestration Tool

Alluxio Nabs $15.5 Million in Series B Funding for Data Orchestration Tool
Alluxio Nabs $15.5 Million in Series B Funding for Data Orchestration Tool

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Alluxio has secured a Series B funding round extension worth $15.5 million, according to a press release on the company’s website. The funding, which was led by new and existing investors, brings the solution provider’s total raised to $23 million over two rounds since its founding in 2015. It’s been a banner year for the fledgling firm, as Alluxio released two major iterations of its open source data orchestration platform, as well as a collection of cloud service integrations on AWS and Google Cloud.

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Alluxio enables data orchestration for compute in any cloud. The product unified data silos on-prem across any cloud to provide data locality, accessibility, and elasticity. Alluxio is scalable to over a billion files in a single cluster, and its distributed architecture is built on three core components including Alluxio Master (manages file and object metadata), Alluxio Worker (manages node local space), and Alluxio Client (AI/ML application interface). The product also includes support for hyperscale workloads, flexible APIs, security and monitoring and management.

Alluxio will use the funding to expand existing customer deployments globally. The firm will also continue to build upon new production deployments that have recently been added to the tool, including Alibaba, EA, Nielsen, Roblox, Ryte, Tencent, VIPShop, Walmart, Walkme and WeRide.

In a media statement about the Alluxio funding, the company’s Founder and CEO Haoyuan Li said: “Alluxio’s vision and data orchestration technology is at the intersection of cloud, AI and data. Customers across telecommunications, Internet, retail and ecommerce, and financial services are working with us and identifying innovative use cases for leveraging data across frameworks, clouds and storage. We view our strong customer and partner relationships as validating our approach and innovation that enables analytics and AI in hybrid cloud and multi cloud environments.”

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