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Alteryx Lifts Data Blending Performance with New Version Release

Alteryx Lifts Data Blending Performance with New Version Release

Alteryx Lifts Data Blending Performance with New Version ReleaseIn recent news, Alteryx, Inc., unveiled the latest version of its data blending and analytics software, Alteryx Analytics 9.5. If you’re not familiar with data blending, it’s the combination of data with common dimensions from more than one source onto a single spreadsheet. Not to be confused with joining which can be described as creating row level joins and adding new dimensions or rows. Again, the new release is called Alteryx Analytics 9.5 and it will give analysts the capability of blending data within a wide-range of sources to create a single unified view. Alteryx replaces the tedious coding which is commonly associated with data blending, saving time and ultimately delivering data insights to business managers more promptly. Alteryx has also made updates to their visualization features for many of its predictive tools making it easier for analysts to present and tell the story that resides within the data.

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George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx, talks about the drawbacks of using time-consuming methods to blend data, “Over 90% of analytics leaders say that delays in creating the right dataset translates directly into missed revenue and profit. With Alteryx Analytics 9.5 we extend our leadership position in data blending by delivering even better performance with new in-database capabilities to get analysts the data they need. This approach is dramatically faster than hand crafting code, even when taking advantage of an entire database.”

Let’s look a little more closely at what the latest Alteryx Analytics 9.5 can do for analysts:

Alteryx Analytics 9.5 has in-database blending features that accelerate work with large volumes of data within Oracle and Microsoft databases. Datasets are becoming larger moving forward as data from a variety of sources both internally and externally contribute to the wave of big data. The new version of Alteryx will help alleviate some of the work required to blend all of this data with its high performance and speed of blending data to make one unified view, and will initially be available for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Alteryx Analytics 9.5 allows analysts to solve unique problems by using and sharing macros and workflows. In a sharing economy, many businesses have found that sharing information across the company can lead to greater efficiency. Sharing saves analyst time because they will not have to “recreate the wheel” every time if macros or workflows already exist to perform a similar task. Alteryx’s new version has community sharing through the Alteryx Analytics Gallery and Alteryx Server so that analysts can leverage the work done by their colleagues.

Alteryx Analytics 9.5 has incorporated easy-to-use visualization features for predictive analytics. With the new version, Alteryx will introduce data investigation and R-base predictive tools that have new capabilities to visualize data. The new visualization capabilities make it easier to comprehend the results from the predictive models, delivering faster insights and recommendations.

Alteryx Analytics 9.5 certainly has many benefits. It’s going to really help companies that have numerous data sources, blend data so that no data elements are lost. This will allow enterprises to get the most of their data as they more complex data enters their system. The visualization for predictive analytics is a great product strategy as the demand for predictive analytics grows in 2015 and companies realize the advantages that it provides towards driving business forecasting.

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