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Astera Introduces Centerprise Rt for Real-Time Data Integration

Astera Introduces Centerprise Rt for Real-Time Data Integration

Astera Introduces Centerprise Rt for Real-Time Data IntegrationOne theme over the last few years that keeps coming up in big data is the ability to move data in real-time as to allow businesses to be nimble in their data-driven decision-making. Many data integration companies are learning quickly that they need to offer real-time capabilities with their core products.

One example is Astera Software who recently introduced its Centerprise Rt solution, a data integration enterprise solution that fuses their data integration software with faster development, deployment, and management of data services in real-time either in the cloud or on premise.

If you haven’t heard of Astera, they are a developer of enterprise solutions that lessens the difficulties that are inherent in the data integration process. Their flagship product is called Centerprise. In a press release titled, “Astera Keeps Businesses and Their Partners Connected in Real Time with Centerprise Rt Data Integration” they go over in detail the benefits of the new product. Below are a few snippets from the press release and if you are interested in reading it in its entirety, click here.

“The new solution is the only real-time data integration software that supports complex hierarchical request and response structures.  With Centerprise Rt, businesses can create web services that integrate and share data of any complexity with partners, customers and vendors/suppliers whenever and wherever needed.”

I want to highlight that this product’s unique ability to support complex hierarchical requests and response structures enables data-driven organizations deeper insights for more efficient processes,

“With Centerprise Rt, organizations can create and publish dataflows as web services to outside entities, which provides 24/7 interaction within the organization’s central interface through a wide range of systems and devices. And thanks to the Centerprise drag-and-drop user interface, this can be accomplished without writing a single line of code.”

I think this is something that can really help data scientists. The ability to remove much of the “dirty work” out of data integration by creating easy to use interfaces is what the market is looking for. In an article I wrote last week called “Data Integration and Data Cleansing Tools are at the Core of Big Data” I touch upon this exact topic.

Ibrahim Surani, President and CEO of Astera said in the press release, “We live in an on-demand world where immediate access to data can have a major impact on business intelligence and time-dependent, business-critical decisions…We are excited to provide our customers with the highest quality data integration technology combined with service-based, real time access to give them the competitive edge they need in today’s tough business climate.”

If you would like to read the full press release on Centerprise Rt, click here.

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