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Astera ReportMiner 6.4 Automates Manual Extraction

Astera ReportMiner 6.4

Astera Software recently introduced ReportMiner version 6.4, a smart data extraction tool for unstructured data. The company develops innovative data integration solutions for enterprises both small and large. Version 6.4 of their ReportMiner solution brings new and innovative features to make it one of the most intelligence data extraction software offerings for unstructured data on the market. The new features automate manual extraction, which can help organizations save significant human resource time and money, which in turn frees up resources for other jobs.

ReportMiner 6.4 is a complete and full-featured data extraction tool that gives users the ability to pull data from report files such as text, PDF, PRN, and Excel. The user defines pattern-based extraction models to pull the data that he or she desires. Once the data is extracted, the user can analyze it and then send it on to a a variety of destination formats, which include spreadsheets, relational databases, and XML files.

Check out Astera’s official ReportMiner 6.4 webinar:

New features in version 6.4 include:

Data pattern auto detection

This feature automates pattern discovery for the building of data extraction models. Users select sample lines from data, and ReportMiner detects a pattern based on that sample, which can then be used to extract these lines any similar lines. Negative matches can also be selected for pattern refinement.

Name and address analyzation automation

This feature provides special handling of names and addresses with built-in parsers. Users can add name and address fields with a single click and can extract components of the field.

Looping and filtering

Users can swiftly configure advanced mode when exporting in order to design an export that loops through all the files in a folder. Version 6.4 gives users the ability to specify rule-based filters for export within the model itself.

PDF forms

This new feature is designed for the scenarios where only form data needs extraction from PDF documents. ReportMiner can be used to loop through documents and send data to a tabular format.

Astera is one of the top-24 data integration software vendors that we track at Solutions Review, and they are featured in our solutions directory which you can find here.

Interested in a free trial of Astera ReportMiner 6.4? Click here for Astera’s official presser.

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