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Attunity Replicate 4.0 Simplifies Data Integration for Hadoop

Attunity Replicate 4.0 Simplifies Data Integration for Hadoop

Attunity Replicate 4.0 Simplifies Data Integration for HadoopAt the Strata Conference + Hadoop World (October 15-17) in New York, Attunity introduced Attunity Replicate 4.0, the latest version of their product Replicate. This version is designed to accelerate the adoption of Hadoop by simplifying the process of transferring Big Data in and out the Hadoop platform. This innovation ultimately leverages Attunity’s high performance data replication solutions to reduce the time labor, and cost of implementing and using Hadoop.

The new version of Replicate is strategically aligned with the growing usage and adoption of the reigning big data platform, Hadoop. What is Hadoop? Most business users have heard of Hadoop, but may not be clear on exactly what it is and why Attunity would want to develop a product that accelerates the adoption of Hadoop. In a tutorial called “What is Hadoop”, Forrester analyst Mike Gualteri says, “to understand Hadoop, you have to understand two fundamental things about it. They are: How Hadoop stores files, and how it processes data. Imagine you had a file that was larger than your PC’s capacity. You could not store that file, right? Hadoop lets you store files bigger than what can be stored on one particular node or server. So you can store very, very large files. It also lets you store many, many files.”

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So one of Hadoop’s key characteristics is that it can store big data and if that’s the case, it will benefit from Attunity Replicate’s ability to move data with its turbo charged data integration capabilities. Attunity is putting in its chips with this new development into a Big Data market that is predicted to be at $100 billion by 2020, and half of this will be driven by Hadoop according to an IDC report. This report also predicts that the size of Hadoop installations are expected to grow precipitously over the next few years as companies implement new data sources and business applications.

However, when using Hadoop for BI, analytics, and decision-making, implementation challenges exist. In a press release called “Attunity Introduces New Hadoop Solution Designed to Accelerate Adoption of Hadoop and Big Data Movement,” Lawrence Schwartz, VP of Marketing at Attunity explains,

“While adoption of Hadoop has continued to grow steadily worldwide, the data integration process is often underestimated and cobbled together, taking significant IT time and resources. However, leading organizations realize Hadoop’s strategic importance to the business and the value it can provide with Big Data analytics. Using the new Attunity Replicate 4.0, enterprises no longer need additional hires or to acquire new skills. Companies can set up and implement the Attunity solution quickly and move Big Data from many different sources into and out of Hadoop with remarkable ease.”

Through the use of Attunity Replicate for Hadoop, organizations can realize the value for Big Data projects and capitalize on larger amounts of data in a more cost effective way. Here are some of the key features of Attunity Replicate 4.0:

  • High-performance data loading and extraction for Hadoop with optimized process and APIs
  • Drag & drop configuration for setting up data movement without any coding or scripting
  • Robust and flexible options for moving data, including full loads, reloads, appends, and incremental loading with change data capture (CDC)
  • Web-based dashboard for monitoring data movement performance metrics
  • Comprehensive support for leading databases and data warehouses in the market
  • Certification with the top Hadoop distributions including Hortonworks® and Cloudera

“We are pleased to welcome Attunity and their YARN Ready technology to the Apache Hadoop community and look forward to working with them to help strengthen Hadoop’s role as the foundation of the next-generation data architecture,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “The relationship will help accelerate implementations of Attunity Replicate 4.0 and the Hortonworks Data Platform across the modern data architecture.”

“Enterprise customers need good data integration tools and the most capable enterprise data hub environment to get the most out of their Big Data initiatives,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera. “The recent certification of Attunity Replicate 4.0 on Cloudera Enterprise enables Cloudera customers to achieve faster time-to-value for Big Data projects by providing an easy-to-use and robust graphical environment for data movement to and from Hadoop.”

Click here to read the full press release called “Attunity Introduces New Hadoop Solution Designed to Accelerate Adoption of Hadoop and Big Data Movement.”

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