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Attunity Unveils Replicate 6 at Strata Data Conference

Attunity Unveils Replicate 6 at Strata Data Conference
Attunity Unveils Replicate 6 at Strata Data Conference

Source: Attunity, Twitter

Attunity recently unveiled an update to its flagship integration tool. The release includes Attunity Replicate version 6.0 along with new versions of Attunity Compose for Hive and Attunity Enterprise Manager (AEM). The product suite aims to expand enterprise capabilities that enable data pipeline acceleration in the cloud, data lakes, and inside streaming architectures. The solution is being showcased now at the Strata Data Conference in New York City.

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Additional capabilities in this new launch are highlighted by expanded cloud integration for migration and analytics, including Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, and Snowflake cloud data warehouse. Version 6.0 also includes performance optimizations for Hadoop data ingestion, on-prem, and in the cloud. The software provides universal database stream generation that delivers changes from databases into streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka and Confluent.

Replicate provides enhanced central management in this version, which provides the ability to scale control and monitor tasks. In addition, global role-based access controls and auditing offer up security for large-scale data pipelines. Conversely, AEM analytics enable ad-hoc and trend analysis on system resource utilization as well as performance monitoring of Attunity data flows.

In a statement, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Itamar Ankorion added: “The data integration landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years with the rapid adoption of new cloud and data lake technologies driven by growing business demand for advanced analytics.”

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