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Attunity’s Data Integration Solution Replicate Now MapR Certified

Attunity Solutions for Hadoop

Attunity Solutions for HadoopAfter demonstrating their solution live at Strata Conference + Hadoop World in February, Attunity has announced that the company’s data integration solution Attunity Replicate for Hadoop is now MapR certified.

Lawrence Schwartz, VP of Marketing at Attunity explains: “Since the launch of Attunity Replicate for Hadoop, we’ve seen customer momentum accelerate for Hadoop”, adding “One such example is a leading managed healthcare provider, who came to us when they needed to enable a real-time feed to their data lake leveraging Hadoop technology. Using Attunity Replicate, the organization was able to accomplish their goal without the need for additional hires or to acquire new skills.”

Big data is causing all kinds of commotion within enterprise organizations these days, according to Attunity, and legacy systems aren’t able to adapt to today’s data needs. Systems need to be synchronized in a way that makes sense to businesses. Attunity helps organizations do just that with this solution, as their Replicate software automates data transfer into and out of Hadoop from any data source.

In a short interview, Attunity’s VP of Sales Jeff Burt explained what they do in simple terms: “We literally move data from anywhere to anywhere”, adding “Hadoop allows the moving of unstructured data to a common place where people can do stuff with it, it’s a match made in Heaven.”

Attunity Replicate for Hadoop allows the user to simply point and click, linking the data source with the MapR target, and provides real-time population in MapR.

“Click and go.” It’s that simple.

Attunity is a leading provider of information availability software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data, including big data, across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud.

Click here for the official Attunity blog post.

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