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Axway Unveils Next-Gen Data Integration and Engagement Platform

Axway Unveils Next-Gen Data Integration and Engagement Platform

Axway Unveils Next-Gen Data Integration and Engagement Platform

Multi-enterprise cloud integration provider Axway has announced AMPLIFY, a new Data Integration and engagement platform that empowers organizations to unlock business value from a wide variety of data sources to transform customer experience. AMPLIFY was built for developers, architects and administrators to assist them with powering their inventions, from apps, connectors, transformations, workflows and dashboards. In addition, the new tool gives users access to an open marketplace where they can discover, share and monetize a catalog of pre-built services and service accelerators, a customizable set of templates with complete API documentation.

Axway AMPLIFY enables organizations to achieve measurable outcomes through a comprehensive set of capabilities, including:

  • Agile, secure and scalable Data Integration infrastructure: Allows DevOps teams to convert data silos into configurable and API-enabled services that are affordable to manage
  • Full API lifecycle management: Enables unlocking existing internal and third-party assets to shape mobile, cloud and IoT experiences with swift ROI
  • App development: Enables visual and hands-on design, built-in testing and connectivity to any data source via mobile-optimized APIs, leveraging existing JavaScript skillsets
  • Community management: Reduces onboarding time for partners and developers from days to hours, lightening the load for IT by delivering common workflows and self-service capabilities
  • Embedded analytics: Bring to light the real-time health, performance and adoption of services to help predict future growth and support improvement

Axway’s Executive Vice President of Global Products and Solutions Jeanine Banks adds: “The way that most enterprises manage the customer experience needs a complete rethink as digital technologies are intimately woven throughout every facet of society. The AMPLIFY platform was born out of our passion for helping organizations successfully capitalize on this change and tap into customer experience networks. The new rules of the game are about ecosystems collaborating together to fuse virtual and physical interactions with customers into seamless, more personalized digital journeys.”

Read the full press release.

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