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Bedrock Data Gains Funding; Launches Integration Platform

Bedrock Data Gains Funding Launches Integration Platform

Bedrock Data yesterday announced the launch of their data integration (DI) platform for business. The availability of the new offering comes on the heels of 3.11 million in newly-announced investment funding, which was made public on Monday. Bedrock Data has four founders, three of which defected from HubSpot, which ironically is now a customer. Founded in 2012, Bedrock Data has developed a new approach to automatically syncing data; rather than having more than one cloud application connect to one another to sync data, all applications connect to Bedrock Data as the core and sync their data from there.

Organizations are increasingly using tools and services to better manage their various business functions. These include marketing automation platforms like the aforementioned HubSpot to email providers, ticketing platforms, CRM’s, and payment platforms. All of the data that these services create on the behalf of a company are stored in individual silos. These data sources can become duplicated, outdated, conflicting, and take lots of time to manage.

That’s where Bedrock steps in.

Bedrock solves these problems by automatically updating and syncing data between these systems and many more. As soon as the software detects a change to a specific piece of information, it will update it wherever else it occurs. The best part is that there is no coding involved. Enterprise solutions that traditionally aid a business in manual transfer are expensive and take a long time, while being extremely prone to errors. The SaaS solution doesn’t require developers or consultants to work, making it easier for non-technical users to combine all of their data streams into one, easy to manage cluster.

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Graham Brooks of .406 Ventures and new partner to Bedrock Data explains: “The average company uses five to nine different SaaS solutions, and this has doubled from just a few years ago. SaaS companies are regularly losing sales due to a missing integration, and the number of points they need to integrate with is growing exponentially. Bedrock Data enables companies to provide all of the needed integrations without having to distract their engineering team every time a new SaaS solution comes to market or an API changes.”

These two announcements mark Bedrock Data’s official launch after a year of development, testing, and customer review. Bedrock’s other notable customers include Marketo and Eventbrite. Bedrock integration platform plans start at $149 per month.

You can score a free trial of Bedrock Data for a limited time by clicking here.

Click here to read the full press release.

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