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Boomi AtomSphere Gets Project LightSpeed Data Synchronization

Boomi AtomSphere Gets Project LightSpeed Data Synchronization
Boomi AtomSphere Gets Project LightSpeed Data Synchronization

Source: Boomi

Boomi recently announced the release of updates to its AtomSphere cloud integration platform, according to a press release. The latest version of AtomSphere is headlined by Project LightSpeed, a personalized data synchronization solution powered by Boomi’s Intelligence and Platform Services. Boomi is also offering AtomSphere via AtomSphere Go, a new frictionless self-service buying experience.

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Boomi is recognized as one of the top providers of Integration Platform as a Service tools. Boomi’s flagship product, AtomShere, supports integration processes between cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-prem systems. The solution also uses a visual interface to configure application integrations. Boomi’s runtime tool, Boomi Atom, allows integrations to be deployed wherever they are needed. The AtomSphere platform is available in several editions, based on use case and functionality.

Project LightSpeed is an iPaaS-based data integration and synchronization solution. It uses intelligence to analyze metadata from Boomi’s customers and merges the insights with organization-specific applications and data to create recommendations that generate a data synchronization solution based on actual usage. Users can begin data synchronization projects without needing to configure and map all of the integration processes between applications.

AtomSphere Go is a new edition that enables developers to utilize all features of the platform on a per-need basis. Customers gain access to a number of Boomi services with unlimited users, connections, integrations,and workflows. AtomSphere Go offers pay-as-you-go with monthly or annual subscriptions, which includes access to standard support, extensive training,and certifications, as well as the Boomiverse Community and all of its content.

In a statement, Boomi’s Head of Product Ed Macosky said: “As iPaaS has evolved from being a tool for simple cloud integrations to a foundational technology for digital transformation, Boomi has grown the platform to exceed customer needs across industries. With these new consumption options and enhancements to the platform, customers can jumpstart innovation and drive projects forward quicker than ever to address constantly changing business needs.”

AtomSphere Go will be generally released in 2021.

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