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Boomi Unveils Event Streams and Discover Catalog at User Conference

Boomi Unveils Event Streams and Discover Catalog at User Conference
Boomi Unveils Event Streams and Discover Catalog at User Conference

Source: Boomi

Boomi recently announced the release of Boomi Event Streams and Boomi Discover at its annual user conference Out of This World 2021. The announcements signal Boomi’s new hyperautomation vision which the company announced in late 2020. The components of hyperautomation include artificial intelligence and machine learning, structured process orchestration, automation through business rules, event-driven automation, and the core components of iPaaS and robotic process automation.

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Boomi is recognized as one of the top providers of Integration Platform as a Service tools. Boomi’s flagship product, AtomShere, supports integration processes between cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-prem systems. The solution also uses a visual interface to configure application integrations. Boomi’s runtime tool, Boomi Atom, allows integrations to be deployed wherever they are needed. The AtomSphere platform is available in several editions, based on use case and functionality.

Boomi Event Streams act as an embedded event-driven architecture (EDA) service which fully integrates event-based data. Boomi Discover solutions offer a fast and simple way to utilize Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform and have a focus of optimizing the user experience.

In a media statement on the news, Boomi CEO Chris McNabb said: “As organizations continue to gain speed in their collective race to modernize and deliver seamless integrated experiences, the need to connect vast amounts of data, applications, people, and things has never been greater. Boomi solves some of today’s most important business issues, and is revolutionizing how organizations speed integrations, break down data silos, automate workflows, and connect everyone to everything, anywhere. Hyperautomation is the next step in that evolution, and we’re innovating now, so organizations can innovate for tomorrow.”

Check out Boomi’s Out of This World event on-demand through December 31.

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