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Cazena Announces Big Data as a Service Solution, Funding

Cazena, a new solution with a vision to provide big data on demand, recently announced their Big Data as a Service offering. In addition, the startup also announced a brand new, and quite lucrative, funding round. Cazena was born of a company called Netezza, which was purchased by IBM back in 2010. Cazena’s aim is to simplify the processing of big data for business use, as enterprises are currently struggling to wrangle big data stacks like Hadoop.

Building upon an $8 million dollar Series A funding round in October of 2014, Cazena’s newest funding round, that of the Series B variety, is worth $20 million. According to CrunchBase, Formation 8 is the lead investor, followed by Andreessen Horowitz, the firm that led the original round.

Cazena’s Big Data as a Service solution rips away the complexities of using big data by automating the types of technology that will be used to analyze a specific set of data. Whether it’s a Hadoop, Spark, or MPP SQL job, the service automatically provisions, optimizes, and manages the workflow for its users. According to Prat Moghe, the company’s founder and CEO: “Ultimately, data as a service is a new category and we want to help big enterprises get into the cloud.”

Cazena sees a problem, and their solution was developed as a solution: “For decades, enterprises have been buying, deploying and managing an increasingly complex infrastructure for big data processing – from data warehouses to appliances to hand-crafted clusters. Enterprises have had to act like big data power plants, generating their own data processing power – and spending over $10B a year to do so.” These factors create a drag on infrastructure, overreaching capital investments, and expert talent to support a constantly evolving big data stack, making processing difficult and slow.

Cezana has two answers to address these problems. The first is that the Waltham, MA company overcomes traditional barriers with the cloud like complexity and security with an automated service that safely moves and processes enterprise data in the cloud. This effectively makes Cazena the “power grid” for big data processing. The second is that while the big data stack has seen lots of progress behind innovation and open source technologies, it also represents significant complexity problems to enterprise organizations. Cazena has introduced “workload intelligence” as a solution. This feature is essentially a new layer which is constructed on top of the big data stacks and cloud infrastructure that automatically recommend, provision, and continually optimize infrastructure to deliver the best price-performance.

According to TechCrunch,  Cazena is not yet ready to release their service, although they are beta testing it with a number of companies right now.

For the company’s full press release, click here.

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