Datameer Announces AWS-based Data Preparation Platform

Datameer Announces AWS-based Data Preparation Platform

Source: Glassdoor

Datameer announced this morning the release of a new data preparation tool that will be integrated with, and delivered on, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Datameer on AWS features the company’s security, governance, and operationalization features while strengthening its hybrid data architecture. They cite Gartner’s research and the downsides of “shadow data lakes” as confirmation of this big move to the cloud. The product makes it possible for companies to deploy a cloud-first analytics approach by letting them process data closer to where it lives.

The platform comes with all of the analytics capabilities that has made Datameer so popular over the years. AWS  feature integration includes deployment on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift for import/export, Amazon Authentication and Access Control, and AWS Management Console.

Datameer for AWS separates compute and storage, using persistent Amazon S3 services to manage the data being processed. This is particularly important for organizations with big data burst processing or those in verticals where users need to scale and contract resources for seasonal allocation or other demand fluctuations.

In a press statement, Datameer’s CEO Christian Rodatus spoke to increasing interest from customers wanting to move their big data platforms to the cloud, adding: “Separating compute from storage is a leap forward for our hybrid data architecture and will provide tremendous flexibility for customers both in the cloud and on-premises.”

The tool will be on display at the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

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