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DBTA Names Winners of 2018 Reader Choice Awards for Best Change Data Capture Solution

DBTA Names Winners of 2018 Reader Choice Awards for Best Change Data Capture Solution

DBTA Names Winners of 2018 Reader Choice Awards for Best Change Data Capture Solution

Database Trends and Applications recently released its 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards winners, a listing of the best solution providers chosen by the publication’s subscribers. What sets this apart from other DBTA awards programs is that actual users have nominated and chosen the winners, not the journal’s researchers – a trend that is becoming increasingly common amongst the major analyst houses. The awards are broken down by technology category and aimed at highlighting the products that “provide unique value.”

DBTA features 28 category specific awards that span a number of solution providers. Given the changing nature of each marketplace that was analyzed, some of the vendors are household names while others are up-and-comers looking to establish themselves in the data and analytics space. We’re profiling each category winner to see if user sentiment lines up with our own research in an attempt to help you select the best change data capture solution. For an even deeper breakdown of the top tools, consult our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools.

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The crowd selects: Attunity CDC

Attunity offers a range of data integration capabilities that span four distinct solutions. The vendor’s flagship product Attunity is Replicate, a tool that replicates, synchronizes, distributes, consolidates, and ingests data across all major databases, data warehouses, and Hadoop. Attunity’s traditional integration portfolio is buoyed by Attunity Compose and Attunity Visibility. The company also offers Attunity CloudBeam, an Integration Platform as a Service tool, which provides cloud-optimized data replication from all major on-prem sources to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Attunity is one of the few providers in the marketplace to offer above average on-prem and cloud data integration products. Its suite of traditional solutions includes virtually every major tool type. CloudBeam is offered through Amazon Web Services and the Azure Marketplace in a unique instance for each customer. Attunity’s cloud iPaaS product is big data-centric, offering integrations for Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.

We encourage you to read the DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards Best Change Data Capture Integration Solution for the full list of winners.

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