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Dell Boomi Adds IoT Functionality to Cloud Data Integration Tool

Dell Boomi Adds IoT Functionality to Cloud Data Integration Tool
Dell Boomi Adds IoT Functionality to Cloud Data Integration Tool

Source: Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi has announced the Spring 2018 release of its Boomi Platform, the company’s flagship Integration Platform as a Service product. The update is highlighted by new IoT connectivity for  integration accelerators. The tool now offers capabilities for Boomi developers to create low-code workflow applications. We think edge device support is the most interesting new feature. It’s based on the Boomi Atom, a proprietary run-time engine that allows users to run integrations and host and manage web services in any environment.

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Iot Protocol Support provides connectivity to cloud and on-prem applications, as well as to sources of device data through IoT connectivity protocols – including open standards like AMQP, MQTT and REST. Organizations can also utilize Workflow Automation for IoT to create business processes that respond to specific alerts and triggers that require human intervention. Boomi Environment Management then allows users to create, update and delete application integration processes once, with changes automatically synchronizing across all Boomi Atoms and associated gateways.

The update also grants the Boomi Platform several enhancements to the development UI, as well as improved connectors for Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Google DFP, Google BigQuery, Hadoop, Box, Dynamics 365 for CRM, Quickbooks, Coupa and Intacct. Boomi Flow now allows users to access, retrieve, load and save files from any source accessible to the platform, make changes to those files, and have them saved for access from any Boomi-integrated application. Boomi also added the ability to manage legacy databases with new Database Support.

In a statement to the press, the company’s Chief of Product Steve Wood said: “In particular, we’re delivering new capabilities to help customers address the last mile of IoT—integration of device data—so they can easily achieve the business outcomes they’re seeking from their strategic IoT investments.”

Read the press release, or click through for more.

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